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Classical Inspiration

The AMAZING notebook that is a classical inspiration to you classical music lovers!

classical inspiration

pd1b4794Nowadays, the uniqueness of a product is what, certainly, differentiates it from the remaining products in the market. Unquestionably, allowing our alluring handmade notebook to rise up through the ranks. Thus, to be honest, no words can describe how, undeniably, extraordinary this handmade notebook, certainly is…


Such exceptional handmade attributes are rarely encountered, nowadays. Therefore, giving us the opportunity to present to you a product that indeed is one of kind.

In order, to uphold the above, we will provide you with a short insight on our special product.pd1b4795

Our handmade notebook is personally crafted, in Eastern Europe, by our skilled leather guru Boyan Bahrin. Such an exquisite masterpiece, takes approximately, 5 days for Boyan and his clerks to craft.

As high quality is one of their top priorities, they do their utmost, to carefully select high-grade leather, in order to give an appealing outer-look and, simultaneously, endurance.

Consequently, after the cautious process of picking out the perfect leather is done, they proceed with one of the more complicated and tricky tasks- the engraving process. This task must, certainly, be delegated carefully, as one small, unintentional, mistake can contribute to utter failure, hence, requiring Boris and his clerks, to begin the engraving process from square one.

pd1b4796What makes our handmade notebook, certainly, unique is its design. The notebook, not only is engraved on the outer platting. But also, in the inner, allowing the entire cover to be remarkable. To complete its uniqueness, the notebook is crafted in a Renaissance style.

To top it all off, the notebook is designed and crafted in such a way that allows you to refill its pages. You can literally use it your entire life! Doesn’t that sound promising?

Therefore, not only will you be able to be a proud owner, but also, will be able to hand it from generation to generation.

Wouldn’t that make it an outstanding and memorable gift? I, certainly, believe so!