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Beethoven’s Wallet

Beethoven's Amazing Handmade Wallet!

beethoven's wallet

07-1-handmade-limited-edition-beethoven-walletBeethoven’s handmade wallet is, also, personally crafted by our one and only leather master Boyan Bahrin, along with his competent clerks, whom are situated in Easter Europe. The fabrication process of this unique piece is not only complicated, but also time-consuming, due to its exceptionality…

All the creative elements and components are handmade. This is what contributes to the timely process that is needed to completely produce one piece of this unique product. The process of such a creation, certainly, cannot be compared to the mass-produced wallets in the factories. Why? Simply because it only takes them literally a matter of seconds. However, our production operations require our craftsmen to spend between three to four days, in order to completely produce this one of a kind product. Indeed, this is what makes Beethoven’s wallet such a unique accessory.

Furthermore, the secret to their durability is the high-quality leather that is carefully selected and used in its crafting process. Also, each wallet is composed of 4 card slots! Isn’t that exciting?07-2-handmade-limited-edition-beethoven-wallet

The skillful leather guru Boyan, once again, personally engages in
the engraving process. Do keep in mind that even the slightest tremble of the hand or unintentional mistake, can lead to having to begin the process from scratch. If this product had existed in the Golden Age of the Great Composers, we do utterly believe that they would have used this unique wallet to purchase their most favorable and desired musical instruments.

Wouldn’t you want to experience such an amazing sensation? Well, you have the chance and it is only a click away! Limited pieces available.