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World famous cellist takes pictures with dead people!

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Stjepan Hauser and Luka Sulic are the world famous duo 2CELLOS and recently they have confessed something very disturbing in an interview for a local talk show – that they exclusively take pictures with their dead fans, who ask for it… they also add that they are sisters, when asked if they are brothers or friends and proceed to explain that they have no more than 2 weeks, max 3, left of being famous.
If you haven’t gotten it yet – they are kidding.

They are simply two twenty-somethings that travel around a lot, perform on stage and have a small multi-thousand fan base, enough to lead a small army. Being friends and having the bliss of being young and happy is what makes them joke around a lot on talk shows, radio shows and interviews – they are simply so open-minded and easy-going that they don’t have to be stiff and serious all the time. You can see it in their music videos, their humor seeps into them, the plot and the general idea, but they are most funny when they are doing an interview, especially for a local talk show.
Below are some examples, including their confession about sisterhood, fame and corruption and how exactly do sheep sound on a cello?

Stjepan is the more easy-going one, not afraid to joke with any host or speak ironically about his band, Luka, or even himself.

Self-irony is his biggest weapon, you might say, especially when you hear him talking about drivers, cleaners and chefs recognizing them on the street. Their laugh is genuine and sincere, as are all of their reactions, even to a fail at a festival, with a malfunctioning paper bag.

Stjepan is not humble about their success. He says that all people recognize them. All living people… and dead ones.

At this point Luka is already laughing and you can’t just stand expressionless. But Stjepan doesn’t stop.

He adds that dead people wave to him from the cemetery, asking for photos and he always takes pictures with them! Even the host can’t keep herself.
They are a blessing for any TV show host, since they are witty, young and snappy, always knowing what to say even if the topic is fragile.

Like for example the topic of chicks, relationships and love. When asked if they have girlfriends and what is their relationship status, Luka is surprisingly cool enough to answer “In Vegas everyone is single”, leading to a fit of laughter and in a later radio show they are not ashamed to admit that they are so close, the closest possible with their manager – sir Elton John.

They also let us in on their free time activities – which in Stjepan’s case is looking after the sheep in his village, of course.

Their managers wish that they could leave the joke aside, but they simply can’t contain themselves, even when promoting their tours.

At least their humor is appreciated. And on many shows, for example Ellen loved them. Check it out below.