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Sparks of insanity


Genious comes in different forms, that’s for sure.

In this case, it’s in the form of an unfinished piano being outplayed by a random guy in a simple white tee, with a simple red cap, in a simple hardware store.

Simplicity is genius, though, as the saying goes. No one can believe the speed and quality of this guy, especially having in mind that the piano is not finished yet, you can see inside of it.The more you watch this guy, the more he looks like some kind of robot, made simply for playing the piano.

It’s not a common look to see a store owner allowing his instruments to be played or even tried on, but evidently it happens and people have even taken it on camera.

Most of us have wanted to try out an instrument like that, get a whole piece before buying, and not just touch up some notes, but we are rarely allowed.

And sometimes inspiration just hits you like a ton of bricks and you have to get it out before it bursts out on its own. (In his case we are not sure which exactly option happened, but it is amusing one way or the other) Have you jammed like this in a music store? No restrictions, no boundaries?

Or have you been asked to do it?

(Because if you have, you are a lucky potato and we all hate you.)