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Christmas Caroling for musicians

With Christmas creeping just behind the corner, a fun and witty interpretation of The Christmas Song is very much in place. But instead of...
Classical Music News

How do you feel about the comparison between Kanye West and Freddie Mercury?

Below is a clip starring Kanye performing at Glastonbury last weekend. It was then, when he declared himself  as “the greatest living rock star...

When Band Geekiness collides with Star Wars Nerdiness

Every instrument gets a part and he doesn’t just restrain himself with the string ones – he has some catchy parts for the flutes...
Classical Music News

The One Instrument Band Phenomenon

The economic situation is hard on all of us. And that doesn’t exclude musicians from the pile. It has forced even top musicians to...
Classical Music News

Sweet Child O’ Violin! One woman covers Guns n’ Roses all alone

You know a cover of a song is most definitely very good when even the original performers of the song mention it on their...
Classical Music News

What is the common ground between music and math? Both like pie.

A young musician called David Macdonald had troubles remembering all of the number pi’s digits. Why he needed to remember them, is not our...

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