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Music from ‘’Frozen’’ performed like never before

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As soon as you think you have nothing more to see from Disney’s ‘’Frozen’’, you are proven wrong by someone who has thought of a new way to represent it to you. Jason and Sarah have amazing piano skills which take the music from ’’Frozen’’ to a whole new level.

The two “piano-freaks” as they call themselves even have a routine choreographed for the case and implement it in the video.
It begins with the girl playing the piano with a slow song and the boy playing a game on his phone. Soon he gets tired of it though and decides to go show how to play something more lively and catchy!
Sarah is not happy though, so she calls for back up and soon she is back behind the piano, and after some more push-and-pulling they are both at the keyboard, playing the trademark song of the movie “Do you wanna build a snowman?” together. They almost tangle their arms in the process, complete with other sound effects they make.
Their goal is to help them get on Ellen DeGeneres’ show, so watch the video and click the button!