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Are you an Apocalyptica fan? Then you gotta see this!

Paul Dateh is sort of like a one-man Apocalyptica, except with a violin and iTunes Top 40. The video is actually a lot catchier...
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How to Date a Non-Musician: 7 Simple Steps Guide

It’s true that most classical musicians tend to date their fellow musicians and for a reason, but sometimes you have to try something new....
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Mozart and Bieber mash-up… uuuh?

I’m not exactly convinced how I feel about this, but for now it’s a very gutsy feeling. Classical music isn't generally viewed as the coolest...
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Bike parks with a twist

Well, what do we have here - a treble clef bike stand! Seems like parking your bike here would not be any ‘treble’ at...
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Yet another Beethoven mash-up – 2CELLOS style!

Devotees of codpiece rock and exceptional sentimental ensembles cheer! Cello pair 2Cellos have made another video consolidating their two loves, established music and hair...
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He got kicked out of a classical music concert. See why…

It’s not an unusual event for someone to be asked to leave a classical concert, having in mind how strict they are. But most...
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Music from ‘’Frozen’’ performed like never before

As soon as you think you have nothing more to see from Disney’s ‘’Frozen’’, you are proven wrong by someone who has thought of...
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Sparks of insanity

Genious comes in different forms, that’s for sure. In this case, it’s in the form of an unfinished piano being outplayed by a random guy...
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World famous cellist takes pictures with dead people!

Stjepan Hauser and Luka Sulic are the world famous duo 2CELLOS and recently they have confessed something very disturbing in an interview for a...
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You will not believe what is the connection between Hitler and Wagner

Little Adolf had a hobby. Or more like – an obsession. He was obsessed with German composer Richard Wagner. This was the person who would...

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