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Mini violinist performs on a mini violin… and it’s INCREDIBLE

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If you still haven’t seen Brianna Kahane, the incredible violin virtuoso, perform “Csardas” on her violin – WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?!
She may be only 7 years old, but her skills are astonishing. She plays accompanied by a piano, standing on a stage all by herself in a typical ball-gown and even a tiara, and plays her little violin, that is a quarter of the size of a normal violin, and is amazing!

So much passion and feeling is flowing off of her, from the first note she is gone into the music.

This video was posed 5 years ago, Brianna is 11 years old now and is developing her skills. She has been playing for 7 years now (which means the video was taken when she had had only 2 years of training.) which makes her accomplishments so breathtaking – she is so young and yet so talented.

Sheis one of the innate music talented kids – although she has studied music, she has it intuitively too. Brianna has photographic memory and perfect pitch – it’s no trouble for her to copy a piece in a very short time, sometimes even only going by hearing it, no matter if the pieces she is presented with are lengthy or complex. Being such a natural performer gives Brianna a beautiful tone, and her amazing sense of musicality gives her a perfect intonation.

Lately she appeared on Oprah, “Save the music foundation” and even CBS’s Evening news did a report on her. Brianna also does a lot of charity, playing at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital’s 50th Anniversary Celebration, on the National Day of Hope in Washington, and not to forget the Nat King Cole Foundation “Generation of Hope” Gala in Palm Beach, Florida.
She is so young, but also an amazing artist and a supporter, who spreads hope for the talented children of the world.