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This dog is probably a better pianist than me…

Meen Sadie. Sadie is a 6-years- old (which in dog years is about the time their mid-life crisis hits) German Shepard/Border Collie mix. Her...
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This 7-year old Vader SLAYS the cello!

Meet Ryan, a 7-year old boy who like all of us is a superfan of Star Wars and more specifically – of Darth Vader....
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For the infinite students out there – Can classical music help you study?

Suppositions are separated on whether it is valuable to listen to music while working or contemplating. For a few, having entry to their most...
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10 hours of walking through NYC as a violist.

We all know at least one violist and… are not very proud of that. They are our friends and we love them, but prefer...
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Two years of violin practicing in one 5-minute video – this you gotta see!

When you take up another instrument, particularly as a grown-up, it has a feeling that it takes perpetually to see any advancement, isn't that...
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Can Music Heal?

A young Thai boy was full of faith that music would heal his mother from cancer. He used to play on the streets to...
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Cure for dyslexia found in music

Music education often emphasizes musical literacy or the ability to read musical notation. Yet a lot of people – even professional musicians struggle with...
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A pianist in Paris evokes more emotion than any terrorist attack

We all know and mourn for the tragedy in Paris, where 118 people died after a terrorist attack at a local public place. To...
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Never judge a musician by his cover

When you see a beautifully painted piano on the street and a seemingly homeless man sitting at it, you don’t suppose anything good would...
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Mini violinist performs on a mini violin… and it’s INCREDIBLE

If you still haven’t seen Brianna Kahane, the incredible violin virtuoso, perform “Csardas” on her violin – WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?! She...

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