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[Video] Findout What is the Link Between Mozart and Adelle – The Piano Guys


Who doesn’t know Mozart’s Lacrimosa and who hasn’t heard of Adele’s Hello yet? Well, you better do, because the Piano Guys are back right after Christmas break and they have prepared a whole new mash up for you! One that blends Mozart’s 18th century spiritualism with modern day angst. Lacrimosa, meet Adelle.
But what could those two piece possibly have in common so that they could be arranged together? They are not even in the same time – one is in a minor 12/8 time and the other in a major-minor common time; the former is in D minor – the latter starts in F minor; one is an orchestral piece with a majestic sound to it – the other is a solo performance, accompanied by nothing but a single piano, which in technical terms would be a “soul piano ballad”.
So, structure-wise, the answer should be ‘nothing’.
Emotionally-wise though, they make you feel the same, they move you the same, the play the same string inside when one listens to them. And isn’t this what music is all about? Being a part of the Requiem, Lacrimosa laments spiritual death, while Adelle for the first time admits that maybe she has had a part of the blame to carry in the failure of her relationship in “Hello”. Both pieces crave resolution in the end – eternal piece in Lacrimosa and a closure in Hello.
However feelings it brings in you, we sure hope you enjoy Hellocrimosa just as we did!