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Interesting Case: Patient Hallucinates Music

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This one woman hallucinated music scores, so a team of scientists decided to record it. This is how they did it.
Helen Thompson at New Scientist writes about the instance of Sylvia, a lady who lost her listening to eleven years prior and after that started to hear inward music. Fortunately, as Thompson reports, Sylvia was an artist with flawless pitch. So she started to record the notes that showed up in her mind. This is, normally, interesting to neuroscientists. Thompson says:halluciantions-2
“She discovered that playing real music suppressed her musical hallucinations. This enabled Timothy Griffiths at Newcastle University, UK, and his colleagues to study what was going on in her brain while switching her hallucinations on and off.
Passages from J. S. Bach worked as the “masker” to switch the hallucinations off. Sylvia rated the intensity of her hallucinations every 15 seconds throughout the study, which lasted about 45 minutes. At the time of the experiment, her musical hallucinations happened to consist of sequences from Gilbert and Sullivan’s musical HMS Pinafore. Immediately following the masker, her hallucinations were at their lowest, gradually increasing until the start of the next excerpt.”
By watching Syvlia’s cerebrum while she killed on and these musical visualizations, specialists could pinpoint where they may be originating from. Also, it appeared as though her inward music was originating from a modest bunch of cerebrum areas—the ones that procedure tunes and additionally those embroiled in memory and handling pictures.

In individuals with typical hearing, Thompson clarifies, as a sound comes in, the mind tries to foresee what may come next. On the off chance that it’s correct, you can handle promptly. In case you’re wrong, the sign experiences the lower mind districts and remedies the abnormal state expectation. This permits you to process sounds rapidly. In any case, subsequent to Sylvia doesn’t hear anything, her cerebrum never redresses the wrong predications, and consequently fantasizes.
In the event that this all sounds absolutely aggravating, it is. “At times a tune will play itself 1000 times in my mind and turn out to be truly irritating,” Sylvia told Thompson. “I have figured out how to live with it however I can perceive how one could be made distraught.”