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What is this ginormous violin doing between this man’s legs!?

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Straight out of New York City – a new video emerged. It shows a man, who seems to be playing a giant violin, a since it was posted it has been trending social networks like crazy.
It went viral so quickly, especially having in mind that it was taken from the airing of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”. If features a well-dressed man, wearing glasses, who is holding some kind of a string instrument, using a bow to play it, but the whole thing is the about five or six times the size fo a normal violin.
He supports it between his knees and across his lap with the help of a thin metal rod, which extends from the instrument to an anchor point on the floor in front of him. The player is holding the bow and fingerboard just like on a violin, but with an instrument so large, it had to be mounted on a stick and grabbed between his inner thighs to be able to play with some comfort.
The video length is 2 and a half minutes, showing the businessman-like dressed man playing an extended, probably improvised melody while a woman in red spandex frolics around on her tip toes on the stage.
Quickly enough, the unusual instrument gained a small fan base, which is now cheering at the viral clip, since it’s a very rare occurrence for big-violin players to be featured on such a popular late night television program such as The Late Show. The watch count of the video is over half a million and increasing, along with the parents of kids, signing them up for big-violin classes all around the world.
Make sure to check it out when you have the chance.