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Are you even literate? Do you know all these symphonies? Check your knowledge

The symphony, one of classical music’s most vibrant tones for the past 300 years, emerged in the middle of the 18th century. Being a...
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Which 5 musicians could never hear their compositions?

Insistent listening to loud music directly into one’s ears may and will lead to hearing problems further in the future. These results are supported...
Classical Music News

Mozart is a chocolate bar, Haydn had two heads and Liszt is nothing but...

Our favorite composers may have lived long before us, in a different time and different world, but they also had their dirty little secrets,...
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When Classical Music and Video Games Find Common Ground

With the orchestras of Philadelphia, Louisville and Honolulu claiming bankruptcy since 2010, a very worrisome statistic lies before us – in the USA, classical...
Classical Music News

Get ready to celebrate Bassoon day!

On October 11th is the national Bassoon day, chosen by Laurence Hopkins, the principal Bassoonist at the Manchester Camerata. There is still some time...

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