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Fun fact zone: Verdi edition

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Giuseppe Verdi is considered, together with Richаrd Wаgner, the most importаnt operа composer of the nineteenth century. Throughout his entire life Verdi wrote operаs which аre still considered todаy to be аmong the very finest in the entire Itаliаn operаtic repertoire. More thаn hаlf of them аre in the stаndаrd repertoire of every operа compаny todаy.

First of all, his operas are his most prominent work and three of them are the jewel of his crown – Traviata, Rigoletto and Aida. They are constantly among the most performed operas, gaining over 350 performances every year worldwide. That’s almost like an opera for every day of the year.Another interesting fact is that his most successful opera, La Traviata is based on Alexander Dumas’ novel “The Lady of the Camellias” over 160 years ago. It’s a tragic love story and the exceptional music of Verdi made it a great success from the start. Even in nowadays, La Traviata is the most performed opera in the world.Even if you have never listened to opera, you have at one point of your life heard “La donna e mobile”, most probably performed by Andrea Bocelli. This is one of the most famous arias ever written and is part of Verdi’s “Rigoletto”.

Verdi never really met Wagner, but there was a lingering rivalry between the two composers, since they are both considered the best operatic composers of their time. This video will explain more, and it’s also fun!

A fun trivia is also the fact that his name was used as an acronym for political reasons in Italy.  During the fight for Italy’s independence, it was used as an acronym for “Viva Vittorio Emanuele Re D’Italia”.

Italian to his bones, Verdi was a big fan of food and especially his native area’s dishes. All Italians are culinary maniacs, but he was one of the few who actually has ham with his face on it – the  Spalla Cotta Di San Secundo was his favorite pork product – he used to send it to his friends all around the world.

And finally, his funeral. It still remains as the largest public assembly of people in the history of Italy. Nabucco was played by musicians from all over the country and the whole thing was conducted by Artuto Toscanini. Who wouldn’t want such grandiose death?