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Skin Orgasms – Myth or Reality?

For some of us it’s Elgar's Cello Concerto in E Minor. In any case, for clinician Psyche Loui, it's Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto No. 2....
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Interesting Case: Patient Hallucinates Music

This one woman hallucinated music scores, so a team of scientists decided to record it. This is how they did it. Helen Thompson at New...
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Have you heard Gershwin himself play? Now you can!

A mind blowing irregularity for the universe of Classical Music: while we can't really ensure what a piece really seemed like when it first...
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Prepare to be WOWED – a viral violinist does Michael Jackson and its fantastic!

Alex DePue – a.k.a. "The Fiddler" – started examining traditional violin when he was only 5-years of age. Significantly more noteworthy, he won his...
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What is this ginormous violin doing between this man’s legs!?

Straight out of New York City – a new video emerged. It shows a man, who seems to be playing a giant violin, a...
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See what Jaqueline du Pre has to say to us

Dubbed by the critics to be the best cello player to ever walk this earth, Jaqueline du Pre combines mind and heart, body and...
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Top 5 Stockhausen Pieces to work out to

Face it, most gym-goers these days can’t make through a workout without listening to music. It pumps you up, pushes you to the limit,...
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16 words that have a completely warped meaning for classical musicians

16 words that have a completely warped meaning for classical musicians 1) Reception: What it’s supposed to mean: A social occasion after a recital where one...
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Fun fact zone: Verdi edition

Giuseppe Verdi is considered, together with Richаrd Wаgner, the most importаnt operа composer of the nineteenth century. Throughout his entire life Verdi wrote operаs...
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Breaking the boundaries: musical world records

In May 2008 David Garett challenged and won the world record for fastest violin playing and joined the Guinness book of records but who...

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