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Music on the moon?

Only a couple of months before Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin made their notable moon landing, three NASA space travelers orbited the moon as...
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MarBellous music!

At the point when Swedish performer Martin Molin set out to make a musical instrument that keeps running on marbles, he figured it would...
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The Benefits of choral singing

Research has appeared for quite a while that singing in a choir has colossal advantages for physical and mental well-being, driving some to crusade...
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Robotics coming to life? Spooky…

This robot seems to play the violin very well. TOO well if you ask me! Today it’s the violin, tomorrow it’ll be the White...
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Only Through music, trees speak for themselves

We all know from basic knowledge that rings on a tree give out its age as well as weather phenomena, conditions, rain levels, disease...
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Practising music improves the symmetry of your brain

I would argue that it isn’t possible to find a man who isn’t moved by a particular song or a melody. Like storytelling, composing...
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Man Plays a Violin While Getting a Brain Surgery

Studies in recent years show that if music is played to patients during their operations, chances of recovering faster are significantly larger for them....
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Music can heal autism, or at least help it, new researches emerge

We still don’t know the reason that causes autism, but observations from the fast developing field of epigenetics are contributing for revealing the subtle...

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