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Whistle My “Queen of the Night”

Whistle+Michael Barimo= Amazing "Queen of the Night" Aria Performance


No doubt one of the most demanding pieces in classical music is Mozart’s “Queen of the Night” aria from his “The Magic Flute”. Nevertheless, for most musicians it still remains a challenge. But.. Not for this guy!



Moreover, Michael Barimo is a professional whistler. Interested yet? Check this – his range is more than three octaves! As the New York Times state in one of their reviews about him:

“His whistling tone has a tight wavering vibrato. His low notes have a robust rumble, and his highs pierce the air like a piccolo.”

Furthermore, below we present you his incredible performance at Joshua Bell’s private party in NYC. Bell himself can be spotted in the background. However, even though everyone gets dressed up and shows off at Joshua Bell’s, this guy really takes it up a level. I guess, you really need to muster up your best talent if you get invited to one of his parties.