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Pierre Boulez Passes Away At The Age Of 90

The influential composer passes away and leaves behind him an inevitable trail of classical soul...

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All around loved composer Pierre Boulez passed away on January 5, 2016 at the age of 90. Nevertheless, he is one of the most radical and influential figures in classical music over the past century. Also, while still actively touring to his last day.

Furthermore, in the early post-war period, Mr Boulez gained recognition as the leading member of the so called “Darmstadt School”. Also, a staunch proponent of the integral serialism-a strict compositional method that is taught in the second year of conservatory education. Boulez has even met with some of the alumni who studied this.

The Guardian
The Guardian

Nevertheless, pupils that have played under his conducting in the 2012 Lucerne Festival Academy, say that he was a conductor with an exceptional ear. Also, had a resolute insistence on rhythm, precision, clarity and intonation. Consequently, all of them proven to be qualities that he later got known for.

Interesting trait of Pierre Boulez

An interesting quirk of his is that, in all of his years in conducting symphony orchestras of world top class, he never used a baton. The influential composer preferred to use his own two hands instead and lead the ensembles like that. Hence, that is what made him so loved and down to earth. A simple human being who calmly greeted musicians and students, smiling at them reassuringly.

Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times
Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times

Last but least, he had been a composer for seven decades and his contributions, to classical music, will be forever sealed in the annals of music history. Including such high modernist landmarks as “Le Marteau san maître” and “Derive 2” both of them – featured on a Deutsche Grammophon recording. Boulez used to sign copies of that magazine whenever his admirers asked of him.

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In the name of all the musicians he inspired; audiences, whose ears he graced with new sonorous possibilities and worlds of new thought; family and friends, who he touched through affection, humor and music; in loving memory of Ms. Pierre Boulez, we bow to him – his absence will be deeply felt.