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Beethoven’s 5th Symphony Performed In Chopin Style

Beethoven's 5th performed in style... In Chopin Style!


Beethoven’s 5th performed in Chopin Style? Personally, my reaction was the same…However, we discovered this shocking course of action regarding the composition of Beethoven’s acclaimed fifth ensemble, as you may hear it in a nineteenth century Parisian salon. Furthermore, this Beethoven/Chopin mistake might turn out to be an amazing touch… What’s not to like?



Well, without doubt, many negative perspectives might be going around and this combination might not seem suitable or relevant. However, it might be the opposite for many other classical music lovers, like me. Believe it or not one You Tuber even remarked, “It’s as though Beethoven and Chopin met in a substitute universe to make a lovechild.”

We must not forget that both composer’s Ludwig van Beethoven and Frédéric Chopin left an amazing classical sensation behind them. So, surely, this piece of art might turn out special! I will leave it up to you to decide on that- see for yourself the below amazing game plan…


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