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When do we stop listening to music?

In case you're agonized over losing your adoration for new music, your fears are legitimized. That is according to a new research that discovers...
mozart queen nightvideo

Whistle My “Queen of the Night”

No doubt one of the most demanding pieces in classical music is Mozart’s “Queen of the Night” aria from his “The Magic Flute”. Nevertheless,...
pierre boulez

Pierre Boulez Passes Away At The Age Of 90

All around loved composer Pierre Boulez passed away on January 5, 2016 at the age of 90. Nevertheless, he is one of the most...

Beethoven’s 5th Symphony Performed In Chopin Style

Beethoven’s 5th performed in Chopin Style? Personally, my reaction was the same…However, we discovered this shocking course of action regarding the composition of Beethoven’s...
classical music

Some Chose Books, I Chose… Classical Music

When Leonardo Dа Vinci pаinted he аlwаys sought musicаl аccompаniment to stimulаte his senses. He believed thаt when аll his senses were аwаke, the...
musical women

Musical Women In The Shadows

Classical Music Women, who have been hiding in the shadows of their counterparts finally are revealed. Personally, I believe they are influential figures in...

Beethoven Found in Connecticut?

Beethoven left an artifact behind him... and someone was very lucky! You know how there are textbooks written on Beethoven’s works and sketches, but his...
Classical Music News

What is Killing Classical Music?

Many a thing has been accused of killing classical music over the years. Fortunately, none of them have. Since its first mentions, from roughly...
Classical Music News

Rare unseen film of Camille Saint-Saens emerges from the past

Only a few years before his death, Camille Saint-Saens was still playing and composing, but until now there wasn’t much filmography on it, since...
Classical Music News

How Musical Training Can Develop Your Brain…

The positive effects that musical training can have on cognitive functions other than music has been a source of interest for researchers for a...

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