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To be honest, whatever we say about our handmade notebook, it won’t be enough. This is the kind of product that we rarely see nowadays. The notebook is handmade personally by the…

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Моzart’s Girlfriend Bag

We are introducing the new Mozart’s Girlfriend Bag, because it has everything that a classical music lady would ever want from a bag. It is so deep and spacious, that you can…

Classical Ladies Best Friends

This remarkable bundle could easily become the best friend of every classical music lady. It is the perfect set for formal occasions, you can also …

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classical music mode

Beethoven’s Dream Watch

This exclusive watch immediately finds its place in the possession of every classical musician and to be more precise, every pianist. Its design will make you feel like you are wearing…

Musicians Eyes Magnet

Every lady looks stunning wearing these amazing products. The set includes 3 pairs of leggings. These products are an ideal fit for the legs of any lady who decides to wear them, sculpting the …

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